January 5, 2014

Top 5 Sundays #173 - Best Books of 2013!

Hey everyone!
It's the Top 5 Sunday!!

I'm happy to say I'm back on tracks! Yes I was a bit busy and didn't really have time to write new posts, but I have read a BUNCH of books, so expect a lot of reviews coming in the next two months. And of course I'm bringing the weekly memes back, because they're super fun! 

Like this really cool event, i'm following for a while now, called "Top 5 Sundays" hosted by "Larissa & Friends' Bookish Life"

The theme for today is:

Best Books of 2013

Dang, guys! I was about to write a Best of 2013 post last year, but honestly, I was too lazy, but here you go. My TOP 5.

5. Archangel's Legion

by Nalini Singh
FINALLY RAPHAEL & ELENA!!! Though I had an itty bitty problem with this book, still devoured it in 2 days, and I'm still in love with this crew. Can't wait for more! 

4. Inferno

by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I'm in LOVE with the Chronicles of Nick series and its characters. This one was the best so far, and the audiobook was brilliant again. Review coming soon for all the books in the series ;)

3. Magic Rises

by Ilona Andrews
HOLY SHIT, this series is awesome. I read all the books so far in like 3 days (the audiobooks are awesome too!) and Magis Rises, even though isn't my favorite, was still amaze-balls. 

2. Styxx

by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Okay. Since I can't name two books as the best of the best, Styxx gets to be my second favorite of the year, not far from the first. I had one tiny problem with this too, in the second half I expected a bigger battle to be honest, but OH.MY.GOD. Give the woman a medal! Styxx was fantastic on a brand new level!!! I'm still not calm enough to write a review.

1. Reaver

by Larissa Ione
After the big disappointment what Rogue Rider was for me, I was expecting a huge comeback with Reaver. Holy missing relatives! This blew my expectations out of the water! There are so many emotions (love, hate, blind rage, sympathy, lust, surprise, excitement, etc) in this book and it brings out so many of the reader's it's unbelievable. Larissa delivered on all accounts…


Please HELP, Guys! 

If you have any theme ideas for the next Top 5 Sundays Posts, please leave them in the comments here or on Larissa's post! NEED NEW IDEAS! Your input would be much appreciated!
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  1. Great list! They all are on my tbr list. :)

  2. Great list! They all are on my tbr list. :)

  3. awesome picks!!!! =D xoxo