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Welcome to The Secret Sanctuary of Books!

Hi! I’m Andie and welcome to The Secret Sanctuary of Books. I'm a Hungarian blogger.

I LOVE to read and talk to other people about books. However, not many of My friends or family tend to read as much as I do. After a year of massive reading I found these book blogs and I wanted a way to share with other readers the amazing stories I have read from these fantastic authors. Everything on this blog is for your entertainment (and mine too). I do not get paid to do any reviews, contests, interviews, etc.. They are done out of my love and obsession for books. I promote authors only because I love their stories and want to share them with other crazy readers.

Reviews on this blog will be simple, straight and honest. NOT always full positive! However those are my thoughts, my opinions about the books, that doesn't mean they're not good! They're just don't do it for ME! I do try to be respectful toward the author regarding my thoughts about the book.

You can view a complete list of books I have reviewed HERE.

Preferred Book Genres

(Mostly Adult)

  • Urban Fantasy
  • Paranormal Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
  • Paranormal Erotica
  • Selected Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi Romance
  • Dystopia / Post-apocalyptic fiction

Genres I Do Not Review

  • Westerns
  • Christian Fiction
  • Historical Romance
  • Romance without a strong element of the paranormal
  • Military Action or Adventure
  • Most Biographies and Autobiographies
  • Non-Fiction books

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Disclosure: All Books are Reviewed and Purchased by Me, unless stated otherwise!

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