September 12, 2011

Review ~ Pandora's Box by Gracen Miller

Title: Pandora's Box
Author: Gracen Miller
Series: Road To Hell  #1
Released: August 19th 2011 by Decadent Publishing

Where does the road to Hell begin?
What happens when your son turns homicidal overnight and your husband disappears on his way to work? Do you cower in fear or fight for your life? Madison Wescott fights against the odds. Distrustful of a God she doesn't believe in, she finds herself face-to-face with a world she didn't know existed and discovers her own soul is darkened with demonic connections.

With good intentions? Or by demonic design?
Phoenix Birmingham bursts into Madison’s life in a whirlwind of sarcasm and sexual appeal. A hero for the masses—and for her jaded heart—but few will ever know the sacrifices he has made or the sacrifices to come. Discovering her entire life has been influenced by multifaceted paranormal beings, Madison is determined to defeat the apocalyptic blueprint fate has decreed, but only one man dares to challenge the supernatural forces manipulating them. Even with Phoenix's aid, can destiny be denied? Or will demonic design prevail while they pay the crucial price with their souls?

In a small, sleepy Alabama town the battle for mankind's liberty has begun...

Before you read this book, I Highly recommend you to read
Madison's Life Lessons (read my review here).  This is a PREQUEL  for Pandora's Box. Like Gracen says, " Every story has a beginning... " Life lessons are showing you what happened with Madison before her journey begins in Pandora's Box and what decisions lead her to where she is in PB. They're as AWESOME as the book, they'll blow your mind, I promise! AVAILABLE NOW on: Smashwords & Amazon

WARNING: Adult book 18+...

I am one of the luckiest people in the world, who won an e-book copy of Pandora's Box after it's released. Y'all hate me now, huh? *evil laugh*

I think you already figured out, that i Loved the Life Lessons. Uhm... No... Love is not the right word, 'cuz i started to read the 1st lesson and i didn't even take a break until I reached and finished the 13rd lesson (that was the last back then). It was 7am. when i finished and commented on all of them. Now there are 26 Lessons and i waited from week to week to read a new one, like a hungry person waiting for a piece of bread...See? I don't love it... I'm obsessed by Madison's journey!!!

It's Time to talk about the BIG BANG... THE BOOK!
Oh Hell... this will be a tough challenge, because I want to write a review, which doesn't contains spoilers, but i also want to Shut out those scenes and lines that made my jaw drop...

So... if you LOVE the TV show called Supernatural, you are gonna LOVE this book, too.
No, don't get me wrong, i'm not saying it's a copy of the show, i'm saying, that there were parts that reminded me of the show (like probably most demon hunter story does) and boy... They were awesome!!!

In the beginning of the book We learn about that Amos, Madison's son once was a normal kid and the next day he killed animals and attacked her mother and he was muted. Madison took him to doctors, a priest, she tried use herbs, etc... none of them helped. She talked with a psychic who promised she send help to her, and here comes Phoenix Birmingham, a demon hunter...

Nix and his family have arrived just in time to see Amos was trying to kill Madison. She explained everything she knew to them but she doesn't believe that they could help her and her son.
And of course, she doesn't believe in demons either until... they experience the first attack by a demon and we'll see how powerful Amos is (in that case, if we didn't pee ourselves because of him yet). The demon mentions Micah's name and talks about his return to his family. (personally I did a happy-dance when I read it, it's not a secret that i LOVED him in the lessons... )

On one night a new damon comes for a visit, but it's not just a simple demon, i won't tell it's real ID but i can tell, that it'll shake Madison's life... The demon comes for her and Amos and it won't stop until it gets what it wants...(it's nearly impossible to stop this one...)

We will figure out why Amos turned into a homicidal, muted child from one day to the next and what he is, we'll also know, that Madison isn't exactly human, thanks for her mother's bloodline (ahh that biatch!!). When I read the lessons i was thinking about it, but Gracen has the ability, that she makes you doubt yourself when you read more and in the end it turns out that you were right, but you still surprised by those things as if you've never thought about them before... EVIL woman...evil but also AMAZING!!

At the middle of the book Madison take a fight back and with Amos' help she hunt demons and tries to find out how could she stop their ultimate enemy...

The time goes fast, there are parts when we hop 1 year, it could be scary for you, but don't be afraid, it's awesome and gives more possibility for us to see how the characters are changing, and every chapter brings a new battle or exciting news to us. We also get to see how Amos changing from the scary "I'll rip you into pieces, mommy" chucky to a powerful, and "mom protecting" child. 

There are also POV (point of view) changes which I always love when an author does that... we get the chance to see what's going on in Hell, what the kick-ass sexy demon hunter Nix is thinking about (what'd you think?! Girls and demons and sex and Mads and Mads and Ma...okay okay, you got it.) Mads -Mads is Nix's nickname for Madison (HOW CUTE!)- and Nix feel desire for eachother and there are when they...uhm... can i say they're kissing?? NO!! I CAN'T say more!! Maybe they'll do something else, maybe they don't... YOU have to find out by reading the book *evil grins*

Heading to the end of the book we learn a HUGE secret about our sexy Demon Hunter, Nix.
He isn't just a simple demon hunter, either (totally not expected) and the King has a plan for him... what king, what plan, what is he??? You know the answer... READ THE BLOODY BOOK!!

At the end of the book Nix makes a deal with the devil...And Mads trying to call it off and she prepared to kick in Hell's door, walk in and get what she wants even if it costs her own and other's life...


Phew... that was hard... let's talk about the characters:

Madison: Her father is a preacher (and a real jackass....) her mother is the ultimate biatch in her life. Her father always said, a demon lives in her... so no wonder that when she meets Micah at the age of 14, Madison turns to him for friendship and after years she'll marry him.

And soon she'll regret it... She has a strong will and she's also strong emotionally. She doesn't give up on her son, not even when he's trying to kill her. That is sooo adorable!! I Love her character and i loved how she grew up from that scared child she was at the begining of the lessons...

Amos: Madison's son. When i started to read the book and saw what is he doing i wanted to slap him (i know.. shame on me.. but i'm not a mother and face it.. he earned it... ) and after i wanted to run away from him and i would tell Nix "take him down, pls!! " BUT when he first worried about his mom i was so happy that this apple actually fallen far from the tree in this case... and now i Love him, too. And i Love his qoutes, sometimes they're really funny at another times they're full of love...

Phoenix 'Nix': What could I say about him? HOT, Kick-ass, stubborn, sarky, funny and a REAL womanizer... and emotional...ya who thought??? He doesn't give up on Mads and her son, he stayed to protect them when everyone else would run as far away as it possible. (Sweet, isn't he??) He's ready to sacrifice himself to save the woman and her son... and maybe he does...

Micah: Oooooooh i so LOVED HIM in the lessons... I still do, even he is not (so) lovable in the book... Remember when i talked about how can Gracen make you believe you're far away from the truth?? Ya the same here... I guessed he is what he really is (not the entire part) during the lessons, but there were times when i nearly doubt it...

OVERALL: I started to read Pandora's Box on the same day when the newest book from my favourite series arrived, but i didnt even open it up, because of PB and when i wanted...wanted?? no...i must have put it down i couldn't stand more than 1 hour without reading it... i don't have an ereader, so i'm reading on my PC and it was sux when i had to go out for a long drive and i couldn't bring it with me... Prepare yourself for a story that sucks you in and doesn't let you go until it's not finished... maybe not even then, since after 2 days i'm still talking about this and haven't read the other book... So i guess it says everything how i feel about this book! Oh and ya, you wondering why Pandora's Box is the title? I was wondering about it too.. a LOT! it was a nice touch!! But now i tell you... You'll find out, when you read the book, and i highly recommend to you to do it!! Did i mentioned that this book is frickin' AMAZING???

For Gracen... Go to HELL...and bring up for us the "Hell's Phoenix", NOW!!!! *evil grins*

Thank you so much for the book! :)

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  1. wonderful review! I can`t wait to read the book. I have rea the life lessons long ago and I was soon board for Micah! This sounds so exciting, thanks fr the introduction to each character, that was awesome!

  2. Thank you so much for the AWESOME in depth review of Pandora's Box!!