October 29, 2012

Liebster Award!

Here I am trying to decide what to say... a Thank you, or DAMN YOU, Kristina for this! LOL

We did this with my fellow hungarian bloggers too, it was a lot of fun, but took a few hours. But we did 10 questions instead of 5, like we do it now, so I guess this is going to be easier. Anyway, I made up my mind, so THANK YOU, KRISTINA for thinking about me. mwuah!

To participate:
1.Thank and link back to the nominator
2.Answer questions from award giver
3.Nominate 5 other bloggers with fewer than 200 followers
4.Ask questions for nominee's to answer
5.Post Liebster Award on your blog


My Questions From Kristina:

1.) When did you begin blogging and who/what inspired you to start?
My very first post went live on 8th, September, 2011. That was right after I won my first book(I wrote my first review on that) in my first blog hop event. I played along, hopping from blog to blog and saw what a big community is this. I had lots of free time to kill, and I love designing stuff, so I stepped in the line. :) 

2.) What blog (author, reviewer, etc) do you visit the most?
Now that's a tricky question, because I have a few on my list. Whenever I see they post something new and I have time, I'm running to read it. But to name a few... Gracen Miller, Felicity Heaton, Karin Tabke (authors), Larissa's bookish Life, Under the Covers, Vampire Book Club, etc...

3.) What's been your favorite book/series this year and who wrote it?
Should I play along and not cheat and say only one? Okay then. My absolute favorite was Lethal Rider by Larissa Ione. BUT honorable mentions are..... Hell's Phoenix by Gracen Miller, Bloodright by Karin Tabke, Her Demonic Angel by Felicity Heaton and Once Burned by Jeaniene Frost.

4.) What is your favorite genre?
A mix between Urban Fantasy and PNR, I guess.

5.) Who is your literary crush?
Better yet, Who is not my literary crush...
Well my latest crush is Veiron from Her Demonic Angel by Felicity Heaton and I have to mention Elias (with his sexy twin, Micah) too, because he'd probably torture me if I don't, so... but HERE you can find my absolute lovers.

My Nominees:

My Questions:

1.) which is your ONE (!!) absolute favorite book cover?
2.) What was the worst book you've ever read?

3.) Is there a book or series you would like to see on the big screen or as a tv show? Which one?
4.) What book did you read on September 3rd? How did you like it?
5.) Finish the sentence: "You'll never believe, but...."

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  1. OMG! I hate you right now! Lol. You know I love you, but these questions???? Will take some serious thought. Thanks, Andie! I'm off to put on my thinking cap...<3

  2. THANK YOU for mentioning my book, Hell's Phoenix. I'm tickled to be mentioned among such amazing authors and to have my guys mentioned as crushes. Seriously! You could've picked anyone and you picked my guys.

    *Huggles ya*
    Gracen Miller

  3. You belong up there, Gracen Miller! And yay! I just saw the less than 200 followers, so I don't have to think or try to choose after all. Thank you so much for the vote anyway, Andie love!

  4. LOL Shelley okay, I admit question #4 is a little bit tricky, but you have goodreads :P And, You still have to do this, regardless of the follower rules!! :P Love ya!!

    Gracen - Exactly what Shelley said! You belong there! 99,99% of ppl who have read your books would say the same. And those who haven't read it yet...well they're missing out sooooo much! Btw. I convinced another Hungarian friend to read your books. She already bought all hehe I'm such an Instigator! mwuah!

  5. Grrr. Lol. I'm working on this now. You do realize with me there are no short answers. And Kat and I avoid these things like the plague, for various reasons. ;)
    Btw- you're a total Instigator Hellhound. <3