November 18, 2012

Review ~ Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione

I finally found the time (and the strength) to finish this review, even though I read this last year...
Originally I planned to write a series review, but got stuck and distracted, but since I really love this series and the spin-off too, I just have to do this, but this time one by one. I'm gladly re-reading the whole series, so I just have to find the time.

Anyway, the first book in the Demonica series is Pleasure Unbound.

Title: Pleasure Unbound
Series: Demonica #1
Length: 416 pages
Released: July 1st 2008 by Forever

Someone has been cutting up demons and removing their body parts, and this doesn't make sense to doctors Eidolon and Shade, the only surgeons in the world who care exclusively for demons. One patient after another has been arriving at the "demon ER" with missing internal organs, and Eidolon vows to find who has been targeting his race and for what purpose.

To make matters worse for Eidolon's demon-kind, he's just gone and treated a female demon-slayer who heats his blood as no other has. Tayla is a sexy, lustful, demon-slaying warrior who works for The Aegis, a council of humans who have vowed to rid the world of demons. Eidolon knows Tayla's deepest secret: that she is actually half demon herself. She is, in fact, the only being Eidolon has ever seen who has half-demon, half-human blood. And she's the only woman who has ever captivated him so.

But is this woman, who is trained to eradicate Eidolon's species, the person responsible for the rash of demon mutilations that are turning his hospital upside down?

My Thoughts:

My favorite para creatures are always changing. I started with vampires, then angels, and now the DEMONS took the crown and rule at the top of my favs list. Especially succubus and incubus. (I love the Lost Girl TV-show) So I saw a review for this series and an interview with Larissa and I knew I had to get these books. And I DID!! Oh boy I so love this series and this author is officially one of my VERY VERY Favorite authors. I Love the bunch of erotic scenes and  action mixed with breathtaking romance, a damn hard journey and mystery. So this series was PERFECT for my taste!

Now let's talk about each book in a few words...

When I bought these books in e-book format I uploaded the first book to my phone, and started to read it at about 2am. and finished at 8am. Loved loved loved it!! (You're probably gonna read this sentence a few more times in this review!) It was a perfect start for a series. There's something in it for everyone. Nice romance for the romance lovers, sultry scenes for dirty minds and good action scenes for adrenaline junkies. Good news for naughty readers: you don't have to wait too long for the first HOT scene! I have a really dirty mind, but honestly? That surprised even me... I mean I didn't think there was gonna be something sweaty so soon...

I really liked the main and the side characters too. Tayla is a kick-ass chick. She a member of the Aegis—Society of human warriors dedicated to protecting the world from evil. And she has a great sense of humor. She prefers her humanity more than anything, after vitnessed a demon's brutality, when the thing killed her mother. She is convinced that every demon is evil and has to be killed. Eventually she ends up in the UGH (Underworld General Hospital) -demon hospital ran by three Incubus brothers- and turns out she's a half-demon. Besides the main plot, an important question circling around her story... will she accept her demon side or her hatred for them going to get her killed? And will she fall for a creature she despise the most and turn her back to the Aegis? She's been betrayed more than once. Now her time is clicking... I really don't get why so many readers don't like her. She's not winey girl, she made a life changing discovery & she's having a hard time with accepting it after everything. That's also the reason why can't she trust Eidolon. She's true to her character. And a really good one!

Eidolon is smart, sexy doctor. And he's a Seminus Demon (Incubus). If you know what that word means, I'm sure I don't have to say more about him, BUT I do anyway :P  He's the "big" brother in his family and always looks out for his family and does anything to protect them. He's like the weather. I never knew how he was going to react.  Sometimes he's like a rock, than he's in a fun mood, but never predictable. However one thing is for sure. Never Ever piss him off, unless your name is Tayla and you're a half demon demon-slayer or you'll be facing with the real ugly and unhealthy consequences! He has his own storyline in this book too just as Tayla has. And he doesn't have much more time either before he has to go through a changing that most likely will turn him insane. His only hope is to find a mate and settle down for a lifetime with her. But mating with a human... a demon-slayer?? No matter how desperate the situation, that certainly wasn't part of his back-up plan.

I have to mention E's brothers too, because you just can't not to love them. Well, actually one of the is a total SOB, so you're gonna pretty much hate him in the other books too. He's totally mad! But Shade and Wraith (my favorite brother) are going to get deep under your skin!

Point of view changes... Do you love them? Great, because there are not only two, but three! You hate pov changes? No worries, you're going to get to love them here!

Overall: Do NOT read this in public! You're going to either grinning like and idiot or/and blushing to hundred shades of red or screaming at/for the characters. If you love demon mithology, killer jokes, a bunch of mystery, sultry erotica, drop-dead gorgeous men and a little action with a stormy romance, then my friend this book is for you!

Favorite character(s): Tayla & Wraith. Sorry, E, you were pretty awesome too, but Wraith is my man!!
Favorite quote(s): 

“Danger followed in his wake . . . followed, because it wouldn’t dare get in
his way.”

The second book is Desire Unchained, which is Shade's book. It wasn't my favorite, but it was pretty good too, so I'll be back with him and his lovely werewolf soon!

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