April 16, 2013

Twice Tempted Read Along Day #1

Welcome to Day 1 of the Twice Tempted Read Along hosted by TSSoB and Tsk, Tsk, What to Read?

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Today's discussion is about: The Prologue, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

The Prologue

- Looks like Leila is in some serious shit! I wonder if this actually surprises anyone anymore. But this time she's not alone. She and her anonymus vampire friend, who's been fed with too much precious metal are being kidnapped by Hannibal (and Leila thought Vlad was the one "suffering under a delusion from too much role-playing."... ). Anyway, this is clearly a part of a scene from somewhere in the book, so now we can speculate on who is the poor vampire, who's this Hannibal guy and why in earth has Leila been kidnapped this time??? 

Chapter 1

Interesting, but ominous dream, Leila's abilities are still on their holiday, she's still fireproof and her relationship with our Dark Prince isn't that good either. A short scene with him  reassured me that he still has a dark humour -which I absolutely adore, and he's up to something big. But what?? 

Chapter 2

- Finally we got a little Gretchen! I don't know when I came to like her, because she annoyed the crap out of me in Once Burned, but she's funny!! Could be a great heroine. Aw man, she could give Ian hell! Would love to see that happen!
- I'm not a fan of love triangles, but I really like this Maximus guy. Just go with him Leila, and leave Vlad to me dammit! 
- Speaking of Vlad... How's that he can steal any freaking scene with just one statement??
- This big party surely won't be just a "family reunion". So excited to see what does Vlad planning!!

So, these are my thoughts, now let's see yours!

Fun question:

1.) Do you think Leila's right and acting reasonable or is she just "turned into one of those annoying, clingy girlfriends"?

2.) Would you like to see a love triangle as a conflict in the rest of the series or would you prefer Leila to be  with either Maximus or Vlad?   

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Please DO NOT POST SPOILERS! There are some fans who are joining the read-a-long who are reading Twice Tempted for the first time.

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  1. Ah, Vlad. He can be so... I'm with Leila. Not sure I could bite my tongue and not give him a lashing. His need to control is beyond frustrating. She may be a bit "clingy", but damn, a girl needs some attention.
    I loved the scene before the dinner party. He obviously still wants Leila, but something is definitely up.

    I'm not big on love triangles. I do love Maximus though. He and Gretchen? Hmm. I don't really see that. She's too childish. But he would want someone who could challenge him.

    My first thoughts with the prologue? Oh Leila, what have you gotten yourself into? And then--- but wait, where is Vlad? This. Does. Not. Look. Good.
    And dream sequences? Ugh! Reading them is a lot like waking from your own--- you're not certain what is real. And it's disconcerting and a bit scary.
    One thing's for sure... Leila needs her abilities back.
    I love the sense of humor with all of our characters. I can see this being a great source of entertainment for us throughout the book. Now about that dress and the party...

  2. Yeah, Vlad needs to wake up..

    No Gretchen and Max, but Gretchen and Ian.... They both childish but Gretchen is much worse, than Ian, imo that's way they would be a good pairing. Well, entertaining at least.

    LOVE the humor too. I know it's darker than the NH books, but both character has the same sarcastic humor, at least I laughed several times at both of them.. :)

  3. I totally agree!