July 5, 2013

Testing Fate Blog Tour: Interview with a vampire!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Testing Fate Blog Tour

Along the tour, there will be multiple stops with Interviews, character interviews, excerpts, reviews, and, of course, BIG GIVEAWAYS!!

Today is our stop for the Testing Fate blog tour and We have the pleasure of interviewing Vlad, the vampire! No.. not that one. But do not worry, this one is more...fun!

Andie: Hey Vlad! (I always wanted to interview a vampire called Vlad ^^) Thanks so much for agreeing to give us some inside info into your life! You’re a side character, but whenever you show up you always crack me up. You love to live, don’t you?
Vlad: It’s my pleasure to be here, Andie *grins, flashing a little fang just for you* The fact you’ve invited me here instead of my fellow story characters, says who the REAL star is, right? Sure, I could be sexy or swoony like Mason and Devlin, but it’s all about having a sense of humor. Anyone can have muscles *rolls eyes*

Andie: Describe yourself to someone who has never met you.
Vlad: I’m a vampire on a mission to STAND OUT and go down in history as one of the greats! Unfortunately, I haven’t quite figured out who I want to be now I’m immortal. *lets out a sigh and rakes fingers through my currently blond hair* I thought naming myself after Dracula would earn me popularity, but so far it hasn’t worked. Same with dressing like Edward Cullen. Someone told me sparkles were the new “in” with the ladies, but yeah. *shakes head* Having an identity crisis sucks. Do you have any suggestions? I saw someone on Facebook the other night mention someone called Spike. He sounds interesting.

Andie: Why did you decide to become a vampire? I know your brother didn't want you to become one. 
Vlad: I wanted something more than the rut I was stuck in, and figured it would give my life more meaning. *shrugs shoulders* So far it’s the same—no respect, no girlfriend, and my apartment is lousy. I keep asking Devlin to hook me up, but he thinks I’m not ready. Personally, I think he’s just jealous of my style and flair.

Andie: Tell us something about yourself that we don’t learn in the books. 
Vlad: I’m a romantic at heart. Underneath all the sophistication and sex appeal, is a vampire who wants a special someone to snuggle with. *leans forward, laying on the charm* Interested in a little one-on-one time with the Vladster, beautiful? *wiggles eyebrows*

Andie: You like to make an impression with your…uhm… extreme looks. When you walk into a room, what do you notice first? Second? 
Vlad: I always notice what the person’s wearing. Like today, I wore my best threads just for you. *stands up and turns around slowly* Black leather pants, black t-shirt, and studded boots. Impressive, huh? Clothes say a lot about a person. Same with their smile. *flashes you another one* I like surrounding myself with positive people like me. 

Andie: What is your most embarrassing moment? 
Vlad: Pass. I don’t know if Devlin’s going to read this and the LAST thing I want is to give him more ammunition. My uncle gives me a hard enough time as it is. Let’s just say it involved a chicken, tequila laced blood, and a mariachi band. Enough said.

Andie: What is one strong memory that has stuck with you from childhood? Why is it so powerful and lasting? 
Vlad:  I remember reading Dracula in school, and thinking how cool it’d be to have that kind of power and immortality. I was a nobody back then, bullied by the popular kids, and something told me being supernatural would make me someone … make me better. It was powerful enough that I’m now a vampire. Give me time, and it’ll be ME everyone talks about. It’s already begun *winks*

Andie: How’s your relationship with Darcy and her pack? 
Vlad: It’s pretty good. Darcy’s a real sweetheart, and we’ve had some great conversations. Secretly, I think I’m one of her favorites. She listens to my advice, and appreciates my sense of humor. Her mate, Mason … well, I think he just tolerates me. That’s okay, I’ve got plenty of time to win him over.

Andie: I know you don’t want to spend eternity alone, and you’re trying to find a girl. So, here’s your chance, there are lots of girls in our audience. So what would you write in a Date ad? Just be yourself. 
Vlad:  How about one of my head shots with the words: Available to rock your world and introduce you to the seductive dark side of life. Immortality optional. Biting a MUST.

Andie: What is next? What is going on with you at the moment? Will we get more of you in Testing Fate? I hope so!! 
Vlad: I’m just chillin’, trying to find the right career path for me. Eternity’s a long time when you have no purpose. *stretches legs out* You don’t see me in Testing Fate … I know, annoyed me, too. For some reason the author thought it should be all about Darcy and Mason *shakes head, frustrated* I had to sit her down and explain that my fans want more of me, not just the hunky beefcakes. We’ll see what happens in Forever Changed. Belinda promised me some major page time. I don’t know, she can be pretty shifty sometimes, though. I can never tell if she’s serious or teasing me.

Andie: Is there anything else that you'd like to add before we end? 
Vlad: Yes, what time do I pick you up this Friday? *leans in to grab your hand, and slips off the chair* Damn, sorry. These leather pants take some getting used to. What was I saying? *tries to hide embarrassment* Ahhh, yes … a date. What do you say?

Andie: Thank you so much for stopping by and answering ALL of my questions! It was fun. I hope we will meet again…soon ;) 
Vlad: Most definitely. Thank you for asking me. *kisses back of hand* You’ve been sweet.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this insight into Vlad's life. I know I did.

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