January 29, 2012

Early Review ~ No Dogs Allowed by Nicole Hicks

Title: No Dogs Allowed
Author: Nicole Hicks
Series: A 1Night Stand Story
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Kenya is a cat on a mission. Go to her job interview in fabulous Las Vegas and manage to wrangle in a vacation. Shouldn’t be too hard to do in Sin City. She hadn’t counted on a hotel full of dogs giving her sneezing fits anytime she leaves her room. How can she get in relaxation, or even meet a guy when every one she encounters brings on an allergy attack?

Desperate and blotchy, she decides to try 1Night Stand. Maybe Madame Eve can set her up with a man who will knock her socks off before she knocks him off his feet? Or at least one she can date without taking a Benadryl. Kenya finds herself blown away, in a different way, by handsome, charming, explosively sexy Raphael. But they are worse than apples and oranges—they are cat and dog, a huge problem any day of the week, even if she wasn’t allergic to his type!


First of all let me give you an advice. If you are not familiar with 1Night Stand Stories, then go and check out this page before you read this book.

I wasn't familiar with it either and because of that the book was a bit rush and confusing, but after I read what 1Night Stand really is it cleared everything. 

NDA is a quick read and a real page-turner. Thanks to our guide, Kenya, who is a Brazilian Shorthair cat with excellent sense of humor and an allergy to Dogs. She is definitely a likeable character. Oh and I LOVE how the author put the title into the story, it was really funny. And the fact, that the shifters are basically domestic dogs and cats is a real refreshing. I'm kind of totally over the alpha-animal-especially-wolves-and-tigers kind of shifter stories.

Raphael is Kenya's one night date... at least she thought that before they've met. He was an interesting character in my opinion, because he started as a good-looking gentleman, then he's like a real womanizer with wicked thoughts, but when someone mentions something about his breed, and he has to show Kenya what is he exactly he immediately turns into a shy, scared puppy. What I completely understand, because yeah.. well you'll see why. HOWEVER, after he saw that Kenya accepts him as the way he is, he turns back into that naughty, wicked womanizer... YUMMY!! And I really liked this. It shows how a man could be vulnerable and though at the same time without being a pussy...

And here comes, why I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5...
The focus clearly isn't on any background story, it's on that Kenya wants a vacation and a one night with pure pleasure but eventually gets something else. Something precious and unexpected. BUT while the "R" rated scenes were really sultry, somehow I didn't get that mind blowing feeling that could compensate the lack of background story. And the beginning was a little bit confusing, like "kitties, dogs, so  they're shifters then or these are just some kind of code names and they're simply want to irritate each other??" without the blurb. However, I really enjoyed this book and worth the reading! 

Thanks to the lovely Nicole for the Review copy!

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  1. Nice review after reading this i wanted to read the book and considering that i hate this genre that's a big thing.