September 19, 2012

Her Demonic Angel blog tour + Giveaway

I'm hugely excited today to be a part of the promotional tour for Felicity Heaton's newest release, Her Demonic Angel which released last week. 

I'm super excited to have Felicity here with me today! Continue on to read her answers to my interview questions, a brand new excerpt from Her Demonic Angel and don't forget to enter the giveaway to win one ebook copy of Her Fallen Angel  (open internationally)!

First, some info about the newest book:

Her Demonic Angel, the fifth book in Felicity Heaton’s Her Angel romance series, is now available, and to celebrate the release she’s holding a fantastic giveaway at her website and she’s also giving away the first book in the series, Her Dark Angel, for FREE at selected Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books and Apple iBookstore sites.

You can find all the links for the FREE book, including a sample, at the following page:

Find out how to enter the Her Demonic Angel international giveaway (ends September 23rd) and be in with a shot of winning a or gift certificate at her website, where you can also download an 8 chapter sample of the novel:

Her Demonic Angel
Felicity Heaton

A demonic angel with a heart of ice, Veiron walks a dark path with vengeance on his mind. Nothing will sway him from his mission to destroy his master... until he risks his life to enter Hell once more to save a mortal female. The fiery beauty makes him burn with hungers he must battle and needs he cannot deny, tempting him to surrender body and soul to her.
Erin is convinced her refusal to do the Devil’s bidding will see her die in a terrifying realm straight out of her nightmares. The last thing she expects is the lethally sensual warrior who breaks into her cell and awakens the darkest desires of her heart and a fierce longing to know the heat of his caress.
Pulled into an incredible world where war is set to ignite and darkness is on the rise, Erin races with Veiron to escape the Devil’s legions in a journey fraught with danger and filled with passion that flares white-hot.
When Erin is faced with a life-shattering realisation and an extraordinary destiny, will their love give them the strength to battle both Heaven and Hell or will they be parted forever?

Her Demonic Angel is available from:

Andie: Everyone who knows you also knows that you write unbelievably fast. And you write GREAT books. So, I figured it must be some kind of superpower and You came from another planet! Seriously, woman, how do you do that? What’s in your coffee?
FH: I wasn’t always this fast with writing books. I think it is something that has developed over the years that I’ve been writing. I was far slower at first and always had major problems that needed ironing out, or things that just didn’t work. I’ve learned to outline my books more clearly and that really helps me with the speed. I’ve also slowly developed the ability to write really quickly but retaining accuracy at the same time. I can generally clock up around 2000 words per hour when working from an outline. Sometimes my fingers aren’t quick enough for my brain though, and I get burned out or tired fingers, and I have to take a break. I think my body just can’t keep up with my mind!

Andie: What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
FH: I’m always surprised by how many people don’t realize that I’m not American and that I’m British and I’ve spent my whole life in the UK. I’ve always thought that my word choices and spelling would give me away as British. So, I like to think about this as me declaring to the world that I’m actually British, and if you think I have strange spelling, this is why. I don’t agree with some reviews that are left on my books on places like Amazon, stating that I should do a US Spelling version of my books. No, I won’t do that. I’ve spent my whole life reading American books and I haven’t complained once that they should be written in English for me to understand them. Most of my books aren’t set in the US either, or feature Americans, so I see no need to Americanise them.

Andie: Is your family very supportive of your writing?
FH: My husband is extremely supportive of my writing and I think the rest of my family have come to realize how much it means to me and that I absolutely love writing. I don’t think they quite understand what I write though. I often get teased because they think I write erotica, which totally isn’t the case. My mum has come to learn that the books I write are in no way erotica. They’re paranormal romance books. Some are more like erotic romance because of the frequency of love scenes, but they’re definitely not erotica.

Andie: Which book was the hardest for you to write?
FH: Normally it’s the books where I’m making heroes do bad things with their heroines. I found Winter’s Kiss was troublesome because the hero, Winter, had to take his heroine, who was bitten by a werewolf and becoming one, to the home of some powerful wolves and intended to leave her there because it’s against the law for him to be with her, as he’s a vampire. In the same series, I had trouble with Masquerade because the hero, Vivek, was determined to get the heroine kicked out of the guard. He had a noble reason for doing it, but it was still wrong of him, so it was hard to smooth that over in the story and make it believable that the heroine would forgive him in the end. The difficulty with both was making the heroes do what they had to do and then making them redeem themselves, and keeping it believable.

Andie: If you had it to do all over again, would you change anything in any of your books?
FH: No. I would love to edit some of my older books though. I’ve been publishing books since 2005, so some of the books I have on sale now are six or seven years old. I’d love to find the time to polish them up and layer in everything I’ve learned in the years I’ve been writing to enhance the books.

Andie: If you could turn one of your books/series into a movie which would you pick and why? Who would you cast for the hero and heroine? 
FH: I really think that Love Immortal would make a fantastic movie. It’s about a reincarnated demigoddess who is also the original vampire, and she’s up against the original werewolf, Lycaon. At the start, she’s just a regular mortal female going about her life, feeling there’s some purpose she’s missing in it. She meets Julian, the hero, who she turned three thousand years ago and who has been tasked with awakening her via his blood so she can continue her fight. She’s been fighting Lycaon and dying each time for the past three millennia, and Lauren is just the latest incarnation of this demigoddess’s soul. Of course, she falls for her protector and he falls for her, and it’s packed full of twists and turns, vampires and werewolves, people with incredible powers, and Greek gods. It’s intense! I’m not sure who would play the hero and heroine. I haven’t spotted anyone famous who I think suits either of them. Maybe I could cast unknown actors. I’d really like them to look like the characters in the book.

Andie: Do you have a favorite character of yours?
FH:  I’m deeply smitten with Valentine from my Vampires Realm series, but I do hold a soft spot in my heart for other vampires too, including Julian from Love Immortal, Aleksandr from Heart of Darkness and Kearn from Forbidden Blood. I’ve also lost my heart of Veiron, the Hell’s angel in my latest book, Her Demonic Angel.

Andie: I just saw the new Resident Evil and this question popped into my head. If zombies attacked what one character of yours would you want with you? (I have a feeling it would be one of your angel boys…)
FH: I think that Veiron or Apollyon from my Her Angel series could easily take down some zombies, no problem at all. Veiron would definitely enjoy that sort of thing. He’s used to fighting his own kind and other angels, so a few zombies, not a problem! My vampires have fought zombies in my Prophecy Trilogy and did rather well against them, even though they do find them rather disgusting. I definitely agree with you though. It would have to be an angel on my side, whether he was demonic or not!

Andie:  What is your favorite scene/line from Her Demonic Angel? 
FH: There’s a few scenes I love and one of them is when Erin asks Veiron to show his other side to her, his demonic appearance, and he does so. It’s a very touching moment as he’s very apprehensive and thinks that his appearance will scare her away. It’s also when they have their first kiss!

Andie: What do you think readers will like/love about Veiron and Erin?
FH: I think they have a very natural connection and the sort of push/pull that readers like in a relationship. Both of them dance around their feelings and they have to work through some pretty big obstacles, and not just the fact that Veiron is a Hell’s angel! They share a very deep bond and are made for each other, both of them very in touch with their feelings and very determined to protect those they love. They face some huge challenges but they make it through together.

Andie: Your book covers are always eye-catching. I know you make them for yourself. Which one do you think is the best? I personally really, really love the cover for Masquerade and Hunter’s Moon.
FH: I know you’re a big fan of the Vampires Realm series and the covers for that one. I really like the cover for Her Demonic Angel. I think that’s my best cover yet and I was rather happy when I finished it and stepped back to look at it. I think it really screams Veiron. He’s just as sexy on the cover as he is in the book.

Andie: What’s next for you?
FH: I’m about to start writing Bewitch. It’s the fifth book in my Vampire Erotic Theatre series and is all about Payne and a witch he meets when he travels into a fae underworld in search of a way of helping Andreu and his succubus with a little problem they have. After that, I’ll be planning Unleash, the sixth book, and also working on the first Guardians of Hades book again.

Andie: Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
FH: Thanks for reading my books and supporting me. I have fantastic readers and I really love it when we get to talk on my Facebook or Twitter or my blog. It’s great hearing from everyone and can really make a bad week into a fantastic one!

Her Demonic Angel – Excerpt

The door opened behind her and Erin didn’t make the mistake of whirling to face the visitor this time.

She turned slowly, expecting to find either the Devil or one of his cronies come to torment her.

It was neither.

A bloodstained and beaten man wearing tight black jeans that emphasised the thickness of his thighs and a black t-shirt that stretched across the impressive hard cut breadth of his chest stood in the doorway.

He was holding a very big sword.

Erin swallowed.

Had he come to kill her?

She glanced back at the abyss below her feet. What would be a better and less painful death? Falling to this scarlet-haired man’s sword or plummeting into the volcanic river?

“Erin, I presume?” His deep voice wrapped around her and Erin couldn’t miss the concern that laced the weariness and irritation in it.

Erin looked back at him.

He slid the broadsword down his back and scrubbed his hand across several days’ worth of dark growth on his handsome face.

One good-looking man had fooled her already and it wasn’t going to happen again. This man was every bit as lethal, brutal and vicious as the Devil. It was there in his eyes and the way he held himself, legs spread in a warrior’s stance, ready for a fight.

He looked as though he had already been through several battles recently. Now that she looked closer, she spotted tears in his t-shirt that revealed startlingly enticing glimpses of hard packed muscles.

Erin dragged her gaze down to her own feet.

She must have lost it in the past few days. She had finally plunged into crazy, her mind frazzled by her captivity and being in Hell. She had to be insane to be ogling the man who had clearly come to kill her.

“Why don’t you just do it and get this over with?” she said, feeling a spark of defiance ignite in her chest. If she was going to die, she might as well go down fighting.

“Excuse me?” He frowned at her, a quizzical look filling his dark eyes. “Get what over with?”

“Killing me.”

His dark red eyebrows pinched together. “If you’re not Erin, I might.”

It was her turn to frown. “You don’t want to kill me?”

“Are you Erin?”

She nodded.

“Then I don’t want to kill you.” He stepped into her cell and she noted that he didn’t bother to stay close to the door. If she were entering a cell on a mission to save someone, she would certainly keep one foot in the door in case a bad guy came along and shut them both in. Did he have another means of escape if that happened? He raked dark eyes over her and she shivered under the heat of his gaze. “You are not what I was expecting.”

“Ditto,” she said and shrugged when he looked into her eyes, confusion lighting his again. “I was expecting the Devil to come back.”

“The snide little fucker actually paid you a visit in person?”

Erin frowned at how casually he badmouthed the Devil, as though he wasn’t afraid of him. She stared at the man, taking in his impressive height and build. He was taller than the Devil and much broader too, thick sinewy muscles visible beneath his tight clothing. His biceps were huge, so large she would struggle to wrap both of her hands around one arm. Her fingertips and thumbs wouldn’t touch if she tried. Matching black and red tribal tattoos curled around those biceps, a tantalising peek of a larger design that disappeared under the sleeves of his t-shirt.

Erin found herself wanting to strip his top off to see the rest of it.

She really had lost her mind.

“Are you alright?” He frowned again.

“Just a little brain damage,” she said, trying to make light of everything.

He crossed the black floor and stopped before her, towering close to a foot over her, his immense body overshadowing hers and making her feel tiny. He slid one large hand along the line of her jaw, tilted her head back, and stared down into her eyes.

Erin swallowed. It should be illegal for a man to be so handsome yet so lethal-looking. He screamed danger but she wasn’t quaking under his touch because of it. It was a whole other feeling that had her trembling.

“You don’t look crazy,” he whispered and she added his sultry low voice to the list of reasons someone should stamp him with the words ‘dangerous’ and ‘forbidden’. “Now... all opposed to being rescued, raise your hands, otherwise, I’d like to get the fuck out of here.”

Erin didn’t argue, not even when he clamped one strong large hand around her slender wrist and drew the broadsword strapped to his back with the other. She stared at the open door, battling a flood of emotions that threatened to sweep her under. Freedom. This man was here to save her. It was too sweet and glorious to believe. It had to be a cruel trick, another form of torture to break her.

She didn’t have much time to take in what was really happening when he pulled her over the threshold and into a long black corridor that ran between the cells. Before she could even glance back at the cell that had been her home for God only knew how many days, he was dragging her along the hallway.

“Can you run?” He glanced over his broad shoulders at her and didn’t give her a chance to respond before he started at a pace.

Erin tried to keep up. The prospect of actually surviving and escaping Hell flooded her with adrenaline that had her bare feet moving but she couldn’t match his long strides. A bright flash blinded her but it didn’t slow her companion. He kept running. They passed a large open room and she turned her head in time to see several dead bodies strewn across a floor slick with blood. More flashes lit the darkness and with each one, a body disappeared.

They looked like humans. Had the man killed them to reach her? What was that light and why were they disappearing?

She started to ask but her gaze settled on the hard angles of his profile and the stern set of his jaw and she thought better of it. This man was her ticket out of Hell and she wasn’t about to piss him off, not when she had the impression that he was quite content with killing.

Erin pounded along the black-walled corridor beside him, her legs beginning to tire and each step jarring her bones and sending pain shooting across the soles of her feet. She lost her footing on one of the sets of steps that led downwards and almost fell. The man’s hand on her wrist stopped her. He pulled her up by her arm as though she was nothing but a ragdoll in his hands, suspending her off the ground for a second before setting her down again.

“You are weak,” he said and she bristled at the double meaning in his words. He wasn’t just saying she was weak from her captivity, but that he thought she was weak period.

Erin snatched her wrist free of his grasp and rubbed it. She turned her nose up and stormed ahead of him, feeling crazy for taking the lead when she didn’t know where she was going and she didn’t have a weapon, or the knowledge of how to wield one. She couldn’t let him think she was weak though.

He followed behind her, a dark shadow barely a few feet from her, his footsteps almost silent.

They reached a split in the corridor and Erin paused. Neither of the avenues she could take looked inviting. Both were pitch-black and voices came from one. Or was it the other? Everything echoed in the corridors and it was hard to distinguish which would lead her to a grisly death and which would lead her to freedom.

She chose the right.

The man grabbed her around the waist from behind, twisted her in his arm, and slung her over his shoulder.

Erin struggled and his arm tightened against her back, causing his thick shoulder to press into her stomach. Her organs protested, sharp pain lancing each one.

“You’ll fall off. I need to move fast and you’re slowing me down.”

Well, that was just rude. Erin punched his backside. God, it was like a rock. She almost purred. Could this man get any smexier?

“You can’t carry me and fight your way out of here.”

He laughed, the warm timbre of it echoing around the dark walls. “Believe me, Sweetheart, I can fight with both hands tied behind my back. You’re no hindrance at all.”

He jogged down the left corridor with her, each step jolting her on his shoulder until she felt close to losing what little remained of the last thing she ate. Erin grabbed his leather belt, hooked her thumbs into the waist of his jeans and pushed herself up enough that it didn’t hurt as much as he ran.

This was just embarrassing now.

It was bad enough having her rescuer belittle her.

Having him carry her fireman-style to freedom was making her wish he had left her in her cell.

Warm fresh air assaulted her, as fresh as Hell got anyway, and she looked up to see the huge black walls of the prison fortress bouncing away from her.

“You can put me down now,” she said but he didn’t hear her. Either that or he was ignoring her. She was tempted to punch him on the backside again but gave up and let him have his way.

The jagged towers of the prison slowly wobbled into the distance and were lost from view behind the spires of black rock that lined the path her hero had chosen. Vents in their sides and tops belched hot acrid smoke that stole her breath. She pulled his black t-shirt up, exposing a lean delicious back, and covered her mouth with it. How the hell could he run in this?

Erin wanted to be sick.

She counted the bounces in his step to keep her focus off the horrendous smell of rotten eggs invading her lungs and the increasing number of bleached bones that lined the path as though someone had kicked the bodies out of the way and just let them rot there. Or perhaps some smaller creature had picked the bones clean. There were grooves in some of them, as though sharp teeth and claws had scraped them. Erin hoped it had happened after death and that the screams still ringing in her ears weren’t the death cries of people being eaten alive.

The man managed over three hundred steps before he finally stopped and set her down with surprising care in a wide clearing.

“Are you alright?” He held her at arm’s length, looking her over.

Her blood heated when his dark eyes lingered on her breasts and then the tiny shorts she wore.

“Do you always dress like this?” He raised an eyebrow.

Erin folded her arms across her chest, covering her breasts. The black pebbles of the path cut into the bare soles of her feet. “I was in bed when they took me.”

He ran his gaze over her again and a touch of crimson ringed his dark irises.

Erin took a step backwards.

That had to be a reflection of their fiery surroundings. It had to be.

Mr Tall, Dark and Deadly couldn’t be something straight out of Hell.

Her Demonic Angel is available now from Amazon Kindle, Kobo Books, Apple iBookstores and direct from the author. It will soon be available for Barnes and Noble Nook too.

Find all the links, a fantastic 8 chapter downloadable sample of the book, and also how to enter the Her Demonic Angel giveaway and be in with a shot of winning a or gift certificate at her website

Books in the Her Angel romance series:

Felicity Heaton writes passionate paranormal romance books as Felicity Heaton and F E Heaton. In her books she creates detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons!

If you're a fan of paranormal romance authors Lara Adrian, J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter and Christine Feehan then you will enjoy her books too.

If you love your angels a little dark and wicked, Felicity Heaton’s best selling Her Angel series is for you. If you like strong, powerful, and dark vampires then try the Vampires Realm series she writes as F E Heaton or any of her stand alone vampire romance books she writes as Felicity Heaton. Or if you’re looking for vampire romances that are sinful, passionate and erotic then try Felicity Heaton’s new Vampire Erotic Theatre series.

In 2011, five of her six paranormal romance books received Top Pick awards from Night Owl Reviews, Forbidden Blood was nominated as Best PNR Vampire Romance 2011 at The Romance Reviews, and many of her releases received five star reviews from numerous websites.

If you want to know more about Felicity, or want to get in touch, you can find her at the following places:

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