January 28, 2013

Author spotlight: Diane Thorne

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Diane is here with us today and she’ll be telling all of you about her books and her favorite characters. ;)

Diane is an erotic romance author living in Indiana. She writes in a variety of genres such as Contemporary, Menage a Trois, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, and Paranormal Erotic Romance. As a lifetime lover of the paranormal, sci-fi, and fantasy, her mind constantly wanders into other worlds full of dark and mysterious creatures. Vampires, werewolves, demons, and other supernatural creatures are her friends. A few bite, others tempt, and some are hot as hell. Reader beware: She is not responsible for any titillation, increased temperatures, hormonal stirrings, or unusual bite marks. Besides writing, Diane enjoys sunny days, strong coffee, traveling, shopping with her daughter, laughter, and red wine. She dislikes taxes, slow drivers, cold weather, and cranky people.

Favorite Characters

When I'm writing, I'm in another world. I'm looking through the eyes of my characters and imagining what they would do and say. Sometimes, I lose myself in a character. It doesn't seem possible, but trust me, it happens.

Jay in my Sexy & Damned series is one of my characters I adore. The wannabe rock star is very passionate. He knows what he wants, which is my protagonist. He'll do anything and everything to have her. I love his drive, his desire. No matter how many times my protagonist tries to deny him, he returns. Go Jay!

In my Playful Demons series, my favorite characters are Anthony and Dominick. They are two very naughty demons. I can't explain it, but looking through their eyes is so much fun. Both just want to play and fuck women. They're kinky, lustful, vulgar, and determined to fuck. Anything is possible with them. After all, they're demons with hot sex on their brain every minute of the day. Oh, the fun I have when I'm in their shoes. LOL.

My Sisters of Lonewood series is a contemporary one and calmer compared to the other series I've written. Sisters of Lonewood is about seven sisters and each one of them finding love or realizing who the love of their life is. I started with a general description of each sister. I get to really know my character when I sit down to write her story. Some of the women are sweet. Others are more kinky and playful. Although they are blood related, they each have a unique personality and love interest. I've enjoyed stepping in the shoes of each one (all 7 stories are set for publication in the next few months). If I had to select a favorite of the seven, I'd probably select Alison and Lisa's stories. Okay, Heather's too.

Destined for Love is a stand alone ménage I wrote a year ago. I saw a Verizon commercial a few years back with a genie and thought it would be a good idea to write a story with a genie. Well, as time passed, I thought about it more and wanted to make my genie story unique. So, I wrote the story with two hot genies. A woman is down on her luck and she happens to finds a bottle that looks a bit like a beer bottle but with strange marks. You can somewhat figure out the rest, but my story is not a typical genie story. Oh no!

In every story I write, a small piece of me is in each character. This helps me connect with my characters. For example, I'm not a stripper but I am a survivor like my Sexy & Damned stripper, Celee. She is a fighter to the end and she has a good heart. Even thought she's damned, she's trying to make amends and save her soul. She's one of my favorite characters too.

If you want a kick ass type of character, check out Sexy & Damned series. If you want some naughty and fun demons in a fun and playful Hell, check out Playful Demons series. If you want a sweet ménage, go for Destined for Love. And if you want a variety, then look at the Sisters of Lonewood series.

What's next? Well, you'll have to wait and see. But trust me, I'm always looking to write something different. I'm working on a two projects now that are just that. Variety is good, right?

Where to find Diane:
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Where to find her books:

Three wishes. Two men. One woman and a very happy ending.

Valerie is a confident, independent, and cheerful woman with a boyfriend, a great job, and a cozy home. In one day, her life falls into the dumpster. To unwind, she takes a stroll on the beach. She locates a strange looking bottle and removes the cork. When two gorgeous men appear, she thinks she’s died and gone to Heaven.

Cursed to a bottle, Mark and James roam the earth until someone in desperate need of their help releases them. The handsome duo offer Valerie three wishes, but warn her they come with great responsibility. While she ponders over her choices the two hot genies show her love and passion beyond her wildest dreams. She falls in love with them. But do they share the same feelings for her?

Confused, in love, and still needing to put her life back on track, Valerie must decide how to use her remaining wish after she mistakenly uses two. Should she spend the last wish to help herself, or free her two insatiable lovers?
Jennifer is in love with her handsome and charming boyfriend, Brian. Months of kissing and exploring each other’s bodies have left her starving for deeper satisfaction. Yet Brian denies her. Jennifer vents her frustration to her best friend, Sally, and jokingly says she’d sell her soul for one night of passion with Brian. When he shows up later and fulfills her every desire, Jennifer believes their relationship is moving forward.

Life is spectacular, until the next time they consummate their love. Jennifer notices a few differences from their first wild encounter, and when she questions Brian, he denies having sex with her before.

Jennifer turns to Sally for answers, and they soon discover Jennifer unknowingly made a bargain with a demon. Brian loves her. Sally wants to help her. Can love and friendship save her from an eternity in Hell?

[Menage and More: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, voyeurism, spanking, HFN]

Heather is attracted to her two coworkers, Chris and Nick. Their toned bodies, charm, and flirtations deepen her desire for them. Overwhelmed with lust, she jokingly states she’d sell her soul to be with them. When they ask her out on a date, she wonders if they have more than a friendly interest in her.

Anthony and Dominick are two sex-hungry demons who enjoy bringing innocents to Hell. They particularly love to collect and play with women. They respond to Heather's call, and disguised as her two coworkers, they fulfill her wildest fantasies.

Chris and Nick admit they want to explore a relationship with her. Heather considers it until they deny having sex with her the night before. Anthony and Dom show up later and reveal the truth. In a strange turn of events, she will have to decide if she wants an eternity filled with playful sex in Hell, or a chance with two men who care for her.

Note: This book contains dubious consent.
Celee Spence is a stripper trying to survive in a world full of supernatural creatures. She also works for a demon whom she sold her soul to and got a raw deal. Her life is full of sex and violence with no end in sight. Then, a hot vampire finds her and presents a deal. In exchange for help in locating a young woman mingling in Celee’s industry, he offers the powerful elixir she needs to stay alive. Although Celee lacks understanding the vampire's motivation for wanting to save the girl, she accepts his proposal.

Sexy, armed, and dangerous, Celee places her life in jeopardy to save the human. What she discovers in the end not only shocks her, it gives her a new job to add to her resume.

The Deadly Stripper is the first book in the Sexy & Damned Series

Months of preparation for Nikki's wedding have fallen down the toilet in a matter of days. One accident after another pops up and she must scramble to make amends. Her six sisters come to her aid, but when the priest scheduled to preside at the ceremony suddenly becomes sick she wonders if it's a sign telling her to cancel the wedding.

In less than two days, she must decide what her heart and soul desire.

Sisters of Lonewood #1

Kate longs to meet Mr. Right, but doubts she ever will. Because she hasn't been on a date in years, she believes men are not interested in a geek like her. Then Dylan Wallace moves to Lonewood to take a job at the school where she teaches. In little time, she discovers love. When unforeseen circumstances threaten to separate her from the one man who completes her, she must take action to ensure Mr. Right doesn't slip from her grasp.

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