January 6, 2013

Cover Characteristic – Men without shirts

Hosted By Sugar & Snark

I always forget this and I never know when to check the new week'S theme, because sometimes it's so random, but now I did and giiiiiiiiirls... this week's theme is the best so far, haha!
The goal of this meme is to post your favorite 5 book covers with the week's characteristic. Which is why I will love to participate in this. I'm a cover whore! If I could I would buy all the books with awesome covers, even if I actually hate the book... Good thing (or bad luck) I don't have the money for that... ;)
Today’s cover characteristic:
Men without shirts!
If you'd like to participate in this meme, go HERE!

Frankly, is anyone surprised by this? haha

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  1. You are freaking HILARIOUS! Yeah, pretty hard to guess what you were gonna do there. Nice choices btw. ;) <3

  2. Oh I love the Bloodright cover!
    Thanks for joining in last week :)

    Sugar & Snark

    1. And the book is just as awesome!! Thanks for hosting, I love this meme :))