December 26, 2011

2011 Xmas gifts in my mailbox

I hope that you all had a very merry Christmas, those of you who celebrate. I personally didn't celebrate Xmas this year, these days past by as any other day. BUT I did get/bought a few gifts thanks to my fabulous friends!!

I got Book related stuff (books, swags) which are the best gifts for me. So let's see what did I get exactly -feel free to be jealous *evil grin* -

The first gift that i got is not exactly a gift, because i actually Won 20$ to spend on the Book Depository, but i considering it as God's gift, since my luck is usually a biatch...
I've already read Blood Law months ago in ebook format, but i'm sucker for it's cover, so i had to get it and as most of You know I'm a cover whore!!
I've read Larissa Ione's Demonica series in about 3 days and started the first Horsemen book and finished it in 6 hours and loved all of them, and the horsemen are got their hooks in me, that's why I got
Immortal Rider (the second book in her Lords of Deliverance series)

The second gift I got is... (thanks to my dad -isn't He awesome??-)
I've read reviews on this book, and i don't get it why most of the peeps said it wasn't good. I absolutely loved it!! Ok maybe the audiobook (mostly the narrator - i just adore his voice and his passion as he reads the books-) brought this one up on my favorite dark-hunter novels list, but i really enjoyed this one too. If you haven't started this series, and you love the combination of mythology and romance, action packed stories this series is for you! 

The third gift pack is... (and Lots of Thanks to Lupi a.k.a. "My Guardian Friend" for these awesomeness)
 The Iron King ARC (Hungarian version) & Nightlife (Hungarian version)
Iron Knight, Road to Hell series bookmarks and Vampire Academy magnets

The fourth gift pack is...(Thanks to Niara Stanfire, my favorite Hungarian Author!!)
A Hirem pin!! It's one of the coolest gifts to me!! (Hirem is one of her bad boy character, and you know i adore bad boys... but in this case when I say bad, I mean it!! He is the Devil's son, but I still love him!!)
And I also got
an extremely hilarious and sweet letter from her, which i not allowed to show anyone, 'cuz if i do she'll beat me and i'd rather not take that risk... and FOUR new chapters of her story (she's not a published author...yet...) So THANK YOU, Niara!

The fifth gift I got is...

A signed copy of Afterlife by Merrie Destefano and three gorgeous, shiny bookmarks. I haven't read it yet, but it sounds pretty good and I Love the cover too, so I'm happy for it!

And the last gift, one of my most precious gifts is...  (and a HUGE thanks to Ella from World of Words for this!!!)
A signed paperback copy of (not arrived yet... slow post office, I swear they need a jet-fighter to ship things to me!!) Pandora's Box (Road to Hell series #1) by Gracen Miller

And at the end... I bought 3 e-books (i don't have an e-reader, though but i'll read them on my PC or on my phone)

That's it! (and i'm still waiting for my angel wings necklace I just bought to arrive...)
What did you get this year?

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  1. You didn't celebrate and you sent out all those Christmas wishes?! What a sweetheart! Great gifts, Andie! Some really good looking books. Love the autograph. And awesome swag. So glad to see you're getting the signed PB! Can't wait for mine to arrive!!! Want to see a pic of your necklace.
    Happy New Year! Do you guys celebrate New Years Day? I have no clue! LOL! Love ya, Shelley (Bella) TEAM NIXAH/ASH/JZB/EDWARD

  2. LOL hehe, well normally we celebrate Christmas too, but i wasn't in the mood, so i skipped it this year. I will post a pic on FB of the necklace. :)

    Yes we celebrate New Years Day, but i think it's gonna be like christmas for me. I'll be at home and watching movies or reading. :)
    Thanks for commenting, Love ya too! :))