December 14, 2011

Paperback Dolls Give Back + KINDLE FIRE GIVEAWAY!!!

Christmas is coming, you want a Kindle, but can't afford it? Here's your chance to win one!!

" For every new follower Paperback Doll’s acquires during this 17 day contest, Day has teamed up with her local Half Price Books and Dollar Tree Store and will donate 1 children’s book or toy to Operation Christmas Child or Toys for Tots charity. We hope we are able to give lots of books and toys to children all over the world this holiday season! As a special “thank you” to all of our readers we are giving away a KINDLE FIRE tablet and donating books and toys to charity. To participate simply enter below. Already have a tablet? You can still help by sending monetary donations securely via paypal. "

>>> ENTER HERE! <<<
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