December 10, 2012

Interview with Karin Tabke + Giveaway


The third installment of her Blood Moon Rising Trilogy, Blood Vow came out on december 4th!
I'm so THRILLED, because I waited 8 months(!!) for this day! 

I'm super excited to have Karin here with me today! Continue on to read her answers to my interview questions, and don't forget to enter the giveaway to win one copy of your choice in her Blood Moon Rising series (open internationally)!

A volatile mix of both Lycan and Slayer, half-breed Falon is Alpha female of her pack, marked by rival Alpha brothers. But when she learns that she is the daughter of the Master Slayer who murdered Lucien and Rafael’s parents, the revelation throws her relationship with both brothers into chaos. Falon begs them not to condemn her for her father’s deeds. She realizes before her Alpha mates do that they are destined to be one and pleads with them to accept the unusual triangle. Now, if Lucien and Rafael cannot overcome their pride and accept their fate, the annihilation of the Lycan race waits within the shadow of the Blood Moon...

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Andie: Hi Karin, thank so much for answering my questions today, it’s great to have you on the blog! Blood Vow, the last book in the the Blood Moon Rising series is now out. Can you give us a brief overview of the series in case some of our readers aren’t yet familiar with it?
Karin: Thank you for the invitation, Andie! Ok, so a brief overview of the Blood Moon Rising trilogy: Sworn enemies, two lycan brothers are in love with the same woman who is the key to saving their entire race from their age-old enemy, Slayers. But only united as one can the power of three defeat the Slayers on the eve of the Blood Moon Rising.

Andie: In case you don’t hiding something from us, Blood Vow is the last book in the Blood Moon Rising series. *sobs* How are you feeling now that you are done with this series? I know the fans of the series will be emotionally overwhelmed.
Karin: I feel as if my best friends have moved away. :`( I have lived with Rafael, Lucien and Falon for over three years. I know them better than I know myself. It was hard typing the end, and when I did, I realized I may not be saying goodbye after all. ^_~

Andie: Oh, that's an awesome news! So are there plans to continue writing in the Lycan or Slayer world? 
Maybe a spin-off or novellas. I’m sure I am not the only one who loves this world and its mythology.
Karin: Yup, there will be a next generation. I love the lycan world I have created, and I love the lore. I have plans to go back to the first Blood Moon Rising. 

Andie: Can't wait!! Falon is an unusual name, how did you come up with it?
Karin: I honestly had no idea what my heroine’s name was until I wrote the first scene in BLOOD LAW. She told me who she was. I know that sounds weird but that’s how it happened. It’s not the first time either.

Andie: Actually, it doesn't sound weird ;) Which of your characters in this series was the easiest to write? The most difficult? 
Karin: They were all complex. Including Thomas Corbet, Fenrir and Layla. Lots of layers. Rafael’s honor was his grounding wire. But he also wanted what he wanted and it was difficult to find a way for Rafa to allow himself to be selfish. Lucien was a lot of fun to write because he not only allowed himself to indulge but he exploited his indulgences with no shame. Falon was so very complex. She had so many emotions to sort out, and the boys did too. All of that love, lust, hate, anger, guilt, angst, longing, and forgiveness was difficult to work with. It was like unraveling a huge tangled mess of fishing line.

Andie: Well, you did an excellent job! Out of the three, which character surprised you the most and how? Rafael, Falon or Lucien? 
Karin: I’m going to say Lucien. I honestly didn’t know how he was going to redeem himself in my eyes much less Falon’s. I love how imperfect he is, and yet, how perfectly heroic.

Andie: What was your absolute favorite scene in the series? Is there any scene you would rewrite if you had the chance? 
Karin: Oh, I had so many! The first scene in BLOOD LAW when Rafe marks Falon. The scene in Rafa’s office when Lucien comes to Falon while she’s with Rafe. When Falon shifts for the first time. I loved the scene in BLOODRIGHT when Lucien and Falon are literally and figuratively naked to each other on the rock and he so desperately fights his jealousy yet begs her to teach him how to love. The scene in BLOOD VOW where Thomas Corbet hands over his sword. And the scenes following. I loved writing every one of the love scenes.

Andie: And We loved to read them ;) Okay, Team Rafe or Team Luca? Although, I bet I know your answer.
Karin: Team Sandwich! ^_~

Andie: I KNEW you will say that, but I'm with you on that. You write in more than one genre. Is there one in particular you enjoy writing more than the others? 
Karin: I love writing in all genres, but if I could only pick one, it would be my medievals. I am fascinated by medieval Europe but specifically 1066 England, and the immediate years following the Conqueror’s invasion.

Andie: Your writing can be pretty “hot”. Do you ever worry that your books are too violent or graphic? Some readers have mentioned a discomfort with the extreme lycan sex scenes. Not me, though! 
Karin: I write the kind of story I like to read. I stopped worrying about content a long time ago. I know my stories are not for everyone, and honestly the lines I crossed in BLOODRIGHT didn’t bother me because it was the nature of the beast. I knew some readers were going to have issue with it, but I wrote true to my characters and I’m past being predicable or safe. Life is about just doing it without looking over your shoulder.

Andie: Well said! We all know you are the Queen of killer cliffhangers. You tend to ending the books with those because you’re just that evil *grins* or because it makes to start the next book easier? 
Karin: I am evil! Ok, so I thought I had the ending of BLOOD LAW figured from the very beginning, but as I was writing the last chapter, what jumped out on the page was not what I had planned. When I typed that ending I was shocked. I sat there and shook my head, thinking, “I can’t do that!” Then I began to laugh diabolically and said, “Oh, they are going to hate me but I LOVE it!” And I did it. Of course, then I had to do it again but better in BLOODRIGHT. That is when I truly was evil.

Andie: Indeed, You are evil! But I loved it too. What upcoming books do you have in work? This is a question I know a lot of readers would want me to ask. When will Thorin (Blood Sword Legacy
) get his book? And will you give us a taste of what we can expect? Also I know that Enemy Sworn, the third book in your L.O.S.T series comes out in 2013. How many books do you see in these series? 
Karin: I was approached with a project out of the blue in October that kind of set everything aside. As soon as I can talk about it I will. While I’m waiting, I’m trying to wrap up ENEMY SWORN so that I can get back to MASTER OF DECEPTION, Thorins’ story. But I’m also working on a very naughty little novella that I hope to have out by the end of the month. ^_~ I’ll keep writing L.O.S.T. books and Blood Sword Legacy books as long as readers want to read them.

Andie: Can't wait to hear more about the new project! Fun question coming!! You have sexy knights, cops, and lycans. Out of ALL your heroes, who would you be tempted to get down and dirty, marry, or throw to Angor for dinner?
Karin: Oh my, I’d love to get down and dirty with Lucien and Marcus at the same time! Marry any one of my knights, cops or lycan, and throw to Angor? Anja.
Can I help? With Anja, I mean ;)

“This or That”:

Truth or Dare? Dare.
Sexy knights or Werewolves?  How about a sexy lycan knight? I Won't argue there.
Craig or Brosnan? Craig.
Good boys or Bad boys? Baaaaaaaaaaaaad. 
Tattoos or Piercings? Tats.
Male POV or Female POV? Male.
Aggressive or Passive? Aggressive but not pushy.

Anything you would like to say to your fans out there?
Karin: Just a huge THANK YOU! I love my job but would not be able to keep it if it weren’t for all of the reader support I am so fortunate to have. Keep the love coming and I’ll keep writing! Xo Oh and if you’re on face book fried me at

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us. And congrats on the release of Blood Vow!
Karin: Thank you so much Andie for your friendship! It means a lot to me. :)

National bestselling, award-winning author Karin Tabke isn’t just another author with steamy stories to tell, but a cop’s wife who has “seen it all and heard it all.” Some of the hottest stories come from behind the blue wall of law enforcement rather than from in front. Married to a street cop, now retired, Karin is intimate with both and proves it with her sizzling tales of hot cops. Not only are her cops hot, but so are her sexy knights and bad boy werewolves. Karin’s Blood Sword Legacy series is a must read for anyone who loves tales of yore when men were men and women were women, and love didconqueror all. Her dark, erotic Blood Moon paranormal trilogy is best described as “Sons of Anarchy meets Rise of Lycans”. Her L.O.S.T series (w/a Karin Harlow) is paranormal romantic suspense at its “chilling and sizzling”* best. You don’t want to miss any of Karin’s deliciously edgy tales of danger and passion!

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