February 28, 2012

30 Days of Hunger Games-Day 6

Welcome to Day 6 of The 30 Days of Hunger Games!

Welcome Citizens! How are you feeling today? 
Are you ready for Day 6?? 
Don't worry if you missed the previous days, just go HERE and you'll find all the days.

I brought an interview again. This time with the awesome Lenny Kravitz (Cinna)!  

IGN had a chance to sit down with Lenny to chat about Hunger Games. They asked him what he thinks of his character and what convinced him to take the role.

And thus we arrive at our Discussion Question:
Who is your favorite side character in the book?

You can still earn the extra entry into the reaping ball for commenting! Don't forget to include your name and what district you're from! If you are not apart of the Hunger Games event, then please include your e-mail (:

Also You can still enter the Hunger Games book giveaway!

Please visit the other blogs. Some of the blogs might do their own Hunger Games post for the 30 Days, so if you do comment on that, it will still count as an extra entry into the reaping ball! The last day to enter your name into the reaping ball is February 29, the day before the reaping! 

8. Mel
10. Brea 

That's it for Day 6! Join us tomorrow for Day 7 for some more Hunger Games fun!
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  1. Cinna in the Hunger Games book then Annie Cresta in the other books. 

    Marla Calalo - District 6

  2. mmmm.

    Veronika Briseno - District 10

  3. Prim because I have a younger sister and whenever I read anything about her, like when Katniss volunteers or the end of Mockingjay (OH MY GOD!) I couldn't help thinking of my sister. But I also really like Haymitch, because his motives were always kind of suspicious but he ended up helping and understanding Katniss a LOT. And Cinna and Finnick just rock. 
    Yeah The Hunger Games sort of has loads of brilliant characters.

    Jessica Sutton - District 10

  4. EEP! I am sooo excited to see the movie!!! My favorite side character is Finnick hands down. I fell in love with his character. I loved that he had a weakness that was brining him down. :) (can't say anymore, don't want to post spoilers for anyone who hasn't read)

    Shaina Jachim-District 9

  5. Alex @ Is It AmazingMarch 7, 2012 at 2:10 AM

    My best friend insists Gale is a side character because the mains are Kat and Peeta. So Gale is my fav! :)