April 6, 2012

Review ~ Bloodright by Karin Tabke

Frankly, I don't know what to say except, that Karin has done it again. When I finished Blood Law, the first book in the series I felt like I had been in the book. I was stunned and felt dazed. Then slowly came to my senses and rushed to the computer to get the next book. When I saw it would not come out until next year, I felt like I've been punched in gut. After that KILLER cliffhanger how could I wait so long?? I was talking to my friends for days about how much I loved it, and how the waiting is killing me. Not often do I feel that way after reading a book. In fact, there were only two books that made feel that. But I feel it now.

Blood Moon Trilogy #2
Berkley Heat (April 3, 2012)
Trade Paperback – Erotic Paranormal
ISBN-10: 042524301X
ISBN-13: 978-0425243015

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Their shared blood will destroy them in hatred–or unite them in passion…

After years of waiting, Lycan Alpha Lucien Mondragon is poised to take revenge on his brother, Rafael, by killing Rafael’s life mate, the Lycan/Slayer half-breed Falon—but he cannot complete the kill. Instead of ending her life, Lucien defiantly marks Falon as his own.

Though terrified by the savage Lucien, Falon finds herself drawn to him. Torn between the love she has for Rafael and the hunger she holds for Lucien, the will of Falon’s heart will lead her to her destined life mate–but it may also doom the brothers and the
Lycan race to extinction…

Purely mesmerizing!

Blood Law was Rafael's and Falon's book, while in Bloodright, Lucen's and Falon's relationship is in the focus. This book picks up right after the cliffhanger from the first book. So that means you get a lot of Lucien, Lucien and Lucien. Oh I almost forgot there's a lot steamy scene with Lucien. ;) It is action packed, has a few surprising twists, and turns in it. A few, but even more exciting close encounters with the slayers. While i was reading, it felt like I had been inside of the book, seeing everything with my own eyes, hearing the conversations, battle sounds with my ears, living amongst them.

Falon has grown into the alpha I hope she would! Yes, she's a bit ruthless and gets herself into serious trouble several times, because she possesses very strong powers and she thinks she's invulnerable. But that is just makes her one of the most humane characters I've ever read, even though she's half lycan. She made mistakes, she's not perfect. But she's loyal, smart, nice and brave. She's a loveable character.

I know for sure that if you did not like Lucien in Blood Law, you will definitely feel for him now. Sometimes you'll want to hug him, sometimes you would beat him up, but most of the times you just want to eat him up. He's still stubborn as hell (but that's why we love him so much). Lucien is hunted by his past now more than ever, that threatens to destroy everything he built up with Falon.

My opinion changed in every minute. Once I wanted to switch lives with Falon, but in the next moment, I did not. Because seriously… Rafael and Lucien are true alphas and y’all know how much I love a man who is a true alpha, but two at once? It would be pure heaven. But then there’s the catch. Neither of them wants to share her with the other, which means she has to choose. And that’s the part where I don’t want to be in Falon‘s shoes. Rafa has her heart, her love, but Lucien rocks her world and claims her soul. However, while she has to choose, when I want a little Rafael I simply walk over to my shelf and pick up Blood Law, and If I crave for Lucien, I pick up Bloodright. I feel spoiled!!!

The end was a cliffhanger of course. And not less shocking than the previous one at the end of Blood Law.

From the first page to the last Bloodright is breathtakingly exciting, heartbreakingly sad or intensely romantic...Scorching hot. Put aside everything you are doing and go find a bookstore, because this compelling lycan trio is waiting for you.

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