June 19, 2012

‪OperationElder‬: Nominate Elder for the YA Sisterhood Crush Tourney!

Time for the YA Sisterhood's Crush Tournament! Nominations are open now through the 19th so we need to act fast. Everyone can nominate up to TEN crushes from their favorite YA books.

We would love it if we could get Elder from Across the Universe into the running because he deserves some love too. If he makes it into the tournament- Secret of the Stars will host a giveaway of epic proportions. We're not sure what all will be included but you can be sure it'll be great. So far there's talk of some Across the Universe inspired jewelry and gifts, copies of the books, and maybe even some of the ARCs. But we have to get Elder into the tournament first so let's spread the word and let everyone know that Elder is crush worthy and deserves a place in the tourney! You can click HERE to go to the nomination post. 

Also, there's a giveaway going on for an ARC (brand new) of Throne of Glass from BEA at Secret of the Stars. This book doesn't come out until August so this is a pretty good opportunity to get a copy. You want it? The more you spread the word, the better your chances are of getting it. ENTER THE GIVEAWAY HERE!

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