June 14, 2012

Road to Hell Blog Tour: Interview with Elias & Giveaway


For some reason you stepped onto the Road To Hell - that We, Gracen Miller's hellhounds, Gracen and of course the RTH crew really appriciate. We'd like to thank everyone who purchased and read the books and we also want to encourage the newcomers to pick up this really awesome, outstanding series.

Along the tour, there will be multiple stops with Interviews, character interviews, excerpts, reviews, and, of course, BIG GIVEAWAYS!!

Thank you for the wonderful girls at TSK TSK What to read for hosting this tour and for the Big Giveaway. And a big thanks to Gracen for the generous bonus prize! Hell I will be so jealous of the winners! And of course for letting these guys out to play with us ;)

Today is our stop for the Road To Hell series blog tour and We have the pleasure of interviewing the very naughty and very evil, sexy beast, One of the Kings of Hell. 

P.S.: We're hosting our own giveaway too! Winners from our blog will get an extra entry for the Grand Prize BUT ONLY with proof of purchase of a RTH book, more info can be found at TSK TSK What To Read.

But We will talk about this later. Now...

Ladies, brace yourselves! 

Elias is in da house! 

I know most of you out there would disagree that it is a pleasure to be sitting near him IN HELL (where else?!) and risking my partner (in crime): Kriszti’s, and my own life, trying not to piss him off with our personal questions, but what the hell, We like to live dangerously...

Andie: Hey Elias, thanks for agreeing to talk to us and for bringing us down here. It's nice to see where We'll end up, since We sold our souls to your brother and the hellhounds are cute...from a safe distance. This is your very first interview. Are you nervous? (If so, the questions can wait and I can help you to calm down *grins*)

Elias: No. Only the nervous are weak. Do you think I’m weak? *navy blue, with yellow streaked claws emerge and he taps them against the arm of the chair* Are you nervous?
Andie: *snorts* Do you  think We’re  weak? Okay, probably weaker than you, but that’s just rude to point that out. *Looks at Kriszti* I think We would use the word ‘excited’. Not nervous.
Kriszti: Yeah. Meeting with a handsome Hell’s King is rather exciting for us *winks at Andie*. So no, I wouldn’t say we’re nervous.
Elias: I’ve never claimed to be a gentleman. No thinking to it, yes, you are both weak. But I am intrigued over this excitement. *runs fingers over his jaw*

Andie: Ooookay...So let's start. For those who haven’t read the Road to Hell books, could you tell us a little bit about yourself? What event in your life darkened your soul so much?

 I’m one of the four Kings of Hell and I’m Micah’s twin brother. *gaze hones-in on Andie* What makes you think my soul is dark, sweetheart? *swishes claws on left-hand back and forth across his jeans*
Err…Hello! the fact that You’re a King in HELL, maybe? And I, for the record, have read the books and your actions weren’t exactly friendly.
Elias: I don’t do friendly. Ever. And you’d be wise to temper the sarcasm.

Andie: What three words best describe you? 

Godly, lusty, and irresistible.
Kriszti: Godly? You? I agree with lusty, but irresistible? Yes, you are really handsome and HAWT, but..but.. Micah… *sighs, but noticed Elias’ dark look, and quickly adds* I should get to know you better to find you irresistible. What about that? *winks*
Elias: *laughs* You think Micah is tamer than me? None of you have seen his really dark side. But, I like this idea of getting to know one another better. I should mention Micah and I share women, as well. Would you be willing to live a little dangerously, darling Kriszti?
Kriszti: I live for danger. *grins*

Andie: What three words would others probably use to describe you? 

 *sighs in a bored manner* Same as before…godly, lusty, and irresistible.
Andie: *rolls eyes* I know a lot of people who wouldn’t agree on the ‘irresistible’ part. Not me, though…*winks*
Elias: Those other people would be wrong.

Kriszti: What's your opinion about Madison? 

Elias: *jaw clenches* She’s a princess who doesn’t appreciate what she’s being offered. I’d like just an hour with her to guide her on the correct path. *eyes gleam*
Kriszti: I think your brother would not appreciate that, not to mention Madison. Would it worth a fight with Micah?
Elias: Micah knows how I feel. *shrugs* We have no secrets. Why would I wish to fight him when we share a common goal? Madison will accept her position in Hell.

Andie: Our audience is curious to know, have you ever been in love? If so, describe what happened.

*rolls eyes* Only mortals pursue the idiotic emotion.

Andie: HA! And you wonder, why I think that your soul is dark. Although, I can see your point. What would a girl have to have to grab your attention? (Even though if they had any common sense, they'd probably try to avoid you as far as possible.)

Why limit the question to girls, sweetheart? I have a voracious appetite for lusty creatures regardless of gender. What grabs my attention is the chase, the bloodier it is at the end the more pleasurable.
Andie: “lusty creatures regardless of gender” ? * groans * Oookay, let’s not go there!

Kriszti: I really like the temperature down here. Is there something on Earth that you like and can't find in Hell? If not, then what would you bring into the everyday life of humans?

No. If there was something I wanted and couldn’t find in Hell, I already introduced it on earth. What didn’t we give to everyday human life would be a better question. If it gives you pleasure, thank the Kings for it. Thank my father for the restraints on human nature.

Andie: *mutters "Good thing you turned us into demons..." under her breath* Speaking of humans. How do you feel about them? Are any of them worth a damn?

At present Amos is the only human worth a damn. *slow grin* I am partial to sinners, however.
Kriszti: So you are partial to us as well. *grins and looks at Andie*
Andie: *innocent face* No idea what are you talking about, Kriszti.
Elias: You’re demons, of course I’m partial to you.

Andie: *turns back to Elias* Is there something or someone that frightens you? Cut the macho crap and be honest! And don't look at me like that! Did you miss the part where I said I like to live dangerously?

*snatches Andie to the edge of her chair by her throat*

Macho crap? Sweetheart, it’s time we get to know one another intimately.

*drags a talon down the side of her face, buries his nose in her hair and inhales*

You smell like petrified humanity…I so enjoy that particular pheromone. Ah ah…don’t struggle. Remain right where you are. Better yet…

*tugs Andie out of the chair and adjusts her to straddle his lap*

Much better.

*alters the angle of his grip, cuts her throat with the tip of a claw and licks away her blood*

Mmm…a good vintage.

*looks into her eyes*

Shall we play, sweetheart? Or would you prefer to rephrase the question?

*gasps and watches Elias carefully* Apology, My King *smiles at him*, but I want a serious answer. Please!  *sighs* And while I know it doesn’t bother you much, we have watchers who came to hear your answers, and not to watch you…uhm…play.

*voice hardens* Nothing and no one frightens me, not even my sanctimonious father.

Andie: What's the most important thing in your life?

Hell and my brothers.
Kriszti: It’s…uhm… nice to see, that You and your brothers are very close.

Andie: Ok, here's a question that I know you will like. What is your deepest, most well-hidden sexual fantasy?

Torturing Madison without a timeframe or limits. *sighs whimsically and shifts in his seat* Yes, that can be a sexual fantasy.
Kriszti: Hm.. so this is an accepted sexual fantasy in your inner circle? This is what someone can expect if they make a move on you? *grins*
Elias: There are no wrong fantasies in Hell. That is my fantasy for Madison, not for all my lovers.

Andie: What annoys you more than anything else? (Let’s hope not the nosy, disrespectful hellhounds with lots of questions.)

Madison. *mutters “Princess bitch!” under his breath*
Andie: *giggles* I’m definitely Team Madison in this.

Kriszti: Is there anything else that you'd like to add before we end?

Both of you are welcome to join me in my private quarters for some hellish debauchery. *chucks Andie’s chin* Not a request, sweetheart, but an expectation.
Andie: *teases* We’ll see, My King.
But without torturing yes, I will accept your invitation or should I say your challenge? *smiles*
Elias: Good girl. Will you give me a goodbye kiss, Kriszti?
Kriszti: Kissing one of the Kings of Hell? How could I resist this?

Andie: *leaps out of his lap* Okay guys, go get a room. Elias, thank you so much for stopping by and answering ALL of our questions. Not to boost your Ego, but talking with you has been a dream come true (don't tell your brother!!). We wish we could stay a lot longer…. *SIGH.* But We know you have other things to do, torturing souls for example. So We'll let you go (for now). I hope one day we will see more of you...maybe in Genesis Queen or maybe in your own series?! *hint hint*

 I did not stop by, you came to me, remember? I am not so easily gotten rid of. I play a significant role in Genesis Queen. And I plan to be a huge part in other books of the series, as well.
Good, We can’t wait to see more of you and the others as well. Now, if you excuse me, I have to represent the giveaways to our guests. *opens a portal to Earth, looks back at Kriszti*
Kriszti: I’m staying *winks*
Andie: *rolls eyes, prays for Kriszti's life and steps through the portal*


Whoosh! Man... I begin to believe that this man is hopeless. Although I'm up for the challenge! But now that I survived this close encounter with this dangerous, rude, irresistible King (I hope I will get my partner back alive and healthy), let's move on to a safer ground. 


What's in the magic hat?

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Winners from our blog will get an extra entry for the Grand Prize BUT ONLY with proof of purchase of a RTH book, more info can be found at TSK TSK What To Read. 

we don't have a picture of the bracelet and keychain yet, because they're in progress at the moment, but they will be awesome, I promise! Black and Red ;) *

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  7. Thank You Cheryl! Hm I don't what's wrong with RC, sometimes it does the same to me. Give me your e-mail and I'll make sure you're entered. :)) 

  8. Have no idea, why this Disqus likes to delete random comments, but it's driving me nuts...

    "Hell's Yes! That was fantastic! Andie, I was a bit nervous for ya, girl. Kriszti has indeed proven she's slightly touched...by a fallen angel! Hahaha! Sorry, Elias! Please don't punish me...and I'll tattle to Micah!!!
    Good luck everyone that enters!

    <3<3 <3 ~Shelley aka Sphynx "

    So... I was REALLY nervous, Shelley! :) This was a first to me (too much Fifty, huh?)

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