March 17, 2012

30 Days of Hunger Games-Day 23

Welcome Tributes!

 I have big news!

Congratulations contestants! This is your final challenge.

The key phrase is " Introduce yourselves!"
Sounds easy, huh? 

Here are the RULES:

  1. Write a campaign speech! We want you to write a letter - not too short, but not too long, and introduce yourselves. What's your name, which district are you from, what is the best thing in your district, which is your favorite weapon (can be anything; your brain, your craftiness, nail file, or an actual weapon, such as a bow, spear, etc... ), what is your job in your District. But most importantly, tell us why should you win our Hunger Games! 
  2. Email your Letters to Ella at Don't forget to include your name and what district you're from!
  3. One entry per person!
  4. Your fate will be decided by panem's citizens. Your supporters will be the blogs who helped us out along the event. One blog will post one letter, after all post went live, WoW will create a poll and the crowd will vote on who to win. 
  5. You have time 'til Day 25 (march 19th) 11:59 pm, to email your letters to Ella. 
  6. The blog posts should go live on Day 26 and the poll will close on Day 28 (march 22.)
  7. The winner takes all! That means Whoever will win the poll, she will get the big prize listed below.
Good Luck Everyone!
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