March 26, 2012

Manday Hotties Blog Hop

YES! You see that right! 
I decided to participate in this hop. Frankly, who would complaining about starting Mondays with these hotties??  Not me!  

Since this is my first post in this hop, I think I should put my GIANT crush in the spotlight. 
I bet most of you already know him, but I wanted to let you know, that this GOD is MINE! RAWR

Enjoy the view! ;-)
(click on a picture to enlarge)

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  1. Oh, there's some hot yumminess right there! I've always admired the very paranormal picture of him that you've been using on FB.

  2. He is hot!!! and I know a few ladies who would fight you to the death for him. LMAO

    New follower!!

  3. IKR?? Just found it not so long ago...

  4. Hehehe me too, but i won't back down!! ;)

    Thanks for the visit & follow :)